Alhamdulillah after 4 days being in Naples, the day that we are preparing and waiting for has come.

15th July, 3.00pm – Al-Awda crew were already on the boat, some were preparing the boat, doing the last check on the engine, recounting the medical boxes and preparing all important equipment before departure. Locals at the same time started to gather, to give their best support for this flotilla that will sail to Palermo before heading to Gaza as their last stop. It was very nice to see people talk to each other and unite for Palestine.

4.00pm – All crews of Al-Awda including two representatives from Malaysia, Mas Jonid and Dr. M. Yusri Musa had their very important last meeting with the Captain of the boat.

4.15pm – Rope that holds Al-Awda was untied, firecrackers were launch, heavy smoke was released out from Al Awda’s chimney, and the boat started to move. Al Awda departure was accompied by exuberant chant from crowd, “Free Free Palestine, Free Free Gaza”.

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Report & Photo: Bro Ibrahim Adham (Naples)