This project is initiated to build a generation of al-Quran from Gaza and West Bank through memorisation. It is a collaboration between Aqsa Syarif (one of MyCARE’s agencies), Muslim Professionals Forum (MPF), Dar al-Quran al-Karim Wa Sunnah (DQWS) and MyCARE in Gaza.

Every year, DQWS target to sponsor 900 students (450 boys and 450 girls) age between 8-25 years old. In general, a student takes 4 years to complete memorizing the whole al-Quran. But, there are also some children who took only 2 years and half.The cost for this project is USD 170 per person for the whole year and our target for year 2017 is to sponsor 610 students (equals to 61 groups).

Objectives for Adopt A Hafiz’s project are:
1. Nurture the children with good character
2. Train them with the knowledge and skills for da’wah
3. Engage the hafiz’s in public activities and preparing them to be changing agent towards better environment
4. Strengthen their emotional and spiritual which has been traumatized through wars and blockage by zionists

One group will gather 10 children and lead by a teacher (Muhaffiz). DQWS puts minimum requirements as stated below for those who want to be a teacher:

  • Graduated from any university recognized by government of Gaza
  • Possess at least a diploma
  • Must attend course of tajweed rules and get certificate from DQWS or Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Issues

Everyday students will gather at mosque or learning center for 2 hours for memorizing. Girls will gather after Asr prayer while boys after Magrib prayer. This project offers at Rafah, Khan Younis, al-Woustah, Gaza and north of Gaza. One year of learning is divided into 2 semesters. First semester starts on July and ends on December while second semester from January to June.

According to the module created by DQWS, during 4 years of memorizing, students have to pass 3 phases of learning, memorizing and evaluation. Each phase has been allocated for 10 parts of al-Quran starting with 10 last parts. Before student can start the new phase, they have to pass an evaluation. The evaluation will note on their memorizing skills, knowledge and lessons from history of the chapter.

If students can’t pass the evaluation, they have to repeat the current phase until they gain success. Attendance and learning improvement will be recorded by their group teacher and audited by DQWS from time to time. A graduation ceremony will be held to celebrate students who manage to memorize the whole al-Quran.


From first batch of this project (year 2013-2017), we successfully:

  • Produce 85 hafiz during first 2 years and half
  • Produce 267 hafiz which made from 124 boys and 143 girls (record until 31st December 2016)
  • Have youngest hafiz age 11 years old; name Abdallah M. al-Assar


We would like to continue this project for second batch and helping to produce more young al-Quran’s generation in Palestine and at the same time to strengthen their emotional and spiritual through al-Quran in order to face and inshaAllah to end zionists occupation on them..

So, join us to build this generation. Details on donation and sponsor package as below:

AAH2017 A5 BI

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Jazakumullahu khairan kathir.

Disclaimer: We also receive any amount that you wish to donate because we will count it as general donations for this project. Thank you.