i4Syria (i4S) Mission to Syria

i4Syria (i4S) has been sending missions to Syria and Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and along the Turkish border since 2013; almost as soon as the conflicts in Syria turned into a humanitarian crisis. To date, the prolonged war and atrocities in Syria had left 7.6 million people internally displaced, 3.9 million people become refugees and 12.2 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.

Within 2 years (2013-2014), i4S managed to send RM 3.7 million worth of humanitarian aids to help reduced Syrian sufferings. Focus has been given to supply basic food and blanket especially during the month of Ramadhan and winter season due to high incident of deaths due to starvation and cold weather.

So far, 5 humanitarian missions had been sent to attend Syrian needs and more could be arranged if funds are stably available and the security condition in Syria permits humanitarian aids to enter. Meanwhile, we are doing our utmost to cater the needs of Syrian refugees who are within our reach in Jordan and Lebanon.

List of i4Syria Missions:

Mission Campaign Date
MISSION 1 Syria is Calling 26 Jul – 3 Aug 2013
MISSION 2 Winter Aid Mission 1-9 Dec 2013
MISSION 3 Stop Starvation, End Sufferings (with Aqsa Syarif) 19–29 Mar 2014
MISSION 4 Save Children and Women of Syria (with Rose2Rose) 24-26 Oct 2014
MISSION 5 Gifts of Smiles (Humanitarian Aid for Syrian Refugees) 27 Feb – 4 Mar 2015