[3rd Session] HEX Time 3: Women for Humanity by Dr. Fauziah Hassan
Date: 28/1/2018 (Sun)
Venue: MyCARE HQ
Availability: All, 25 (first come first serve)

Dr. Fauziah is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist consultant who had been on various humanitarian missions. She is the advisor of Rose2Rose, a platform established to allow Malaysian women to dedicate their love. This long term capacity building initiative has now been extended to include all women in need of assistance.

What is HEX Time?
Humanitarian Experience Sharing Time (HEX Time) is a chance in sharing humanity initiated by MyCARE. It’s in the form of short and powerful talk which takes about 20 mins. ONLY humanitarian activists will be invited to share about their works and experiences.

HEX Time is a platform for experiences exchange, sharing love, bringing betterment of the humanitarian movement for now and future.