MyCARE and its agencies have a very respected position within the global community.

We are member of the Global March to Jerusalem’s International Central Committee (ICC) and International Executive Committee (IEC) and have chaired the Malaysian chapter for this global initiative since 2012. We are also one of the founding member of the Asia Pacific Community for Palestine (ASPAC), a consortium of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Asia Pacific region who are concerned about the Palestinian struggle to regain sovereignty and independence against the occupation and the Israeli occupation.

Our reputation have also been recognized when we were entrusted to help organize two international conferences – the ‘Annual International Forum For Jerusalem and Palestine’ from 2nd-4th May 2014 in collaboration with Palestine Cultural Organization Malaysia (PCOM) and International Coalition for Jerusalem and Palestine (al-I’tilaf) and the ‘International Conference on Reconstruction of Gaza’ on 24th January 2015 in collaboration with Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology (MySET) and The Arab and International Commission to Build Gaza (AICBG).

Currently, MyCARE’s Chairman, Assoc. Prof. Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor is also the Vice President of the South East Asia Humanitarian Committee (SEAHUM) appointed after the recent Annual General Meeting held in Malaysia from 21st-22nd May 2015.

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